At Ovation we are bringing together the fundamentals of the Performing Arts, giving our students all the skills to succeed in a very competitive industry.

Our after School Centre is unique providing students with practical hands on experience, along with amazing access to some of the countries best lecturers and expert advice from industry professionals.

We provide an extensive and celebrated collection of programs which pride themselves on professional excellence and give all our students the opportunity to be trained in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

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Ovation’s Performing Centre of Performing Arts provides an extensive collection of exhilarating and celebrated acting programs which pride themselves on professional excellence. Our courses are designed for all ages and skill levels, and help harness the power of honest communication for all students; including those who want to study for fun or confidence through to those who are seeking professional careers as actors and performers.

No matter what age or skill level students can now learn all aspects of contemporary, classic and cutting edge theatre and obtain the acting techniques required for film, television and stage.

Famous contemporary playwright David Mamet says that actors should “deny nothing”, so therefore we have formulated an acting program that covers a wide collection of acting method’s from some of the most influential acting teachers in the world including Constatin Stanislavsky, Stanford Meisner, Suzuki, Stella Adler through to Lee Starsberg, Keith Johnstone and Augusto Boal so that all students gain an enormous theoretical and practical understanding of acting traditions.

Ovation CPA Acting GroupOur Ovation Teaching Artists also encourage all students to formulate their own creative process and moreover promote independent thinking, so through our classes students can discover what works best for their individual needs. Our goals are to help students learn and explore all the acting principals, to extend their current knowledge and help build their vocabulary.

We also want students to become aware and recognize the differences between acting between stage and film, and also to break down a scene and analyse character.

Students also learn about basics such as thought process, and how to discover individual thought, how to make strong, bold and accurate choices that will serve them both on and off stage. We also help them to overcome common obstacles so that they can identify the flow and shape of drama and learn how to create full and enriched characters that encompass all human traits including physical, social, physiological, and moral.

We also cover various styles of performance including Brecht and Commedia to name a few and theatre styles from all over the world including Australian Performance and Performance theories.


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Where are we?

Our campuses are all tailored to performing arts training and we have many facilities throughout SA through our venue partnerships.

In Adelaide we collaborate with East Adelaide School a unique learning and cultural precinct, 4km from the CBD and Hallett Cove South Primary School situated in a historic coastal location in the South.

Regionally we run our celebrated programs from Mount Gambier High School’s distinguished Performing Arts suite.

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