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About OVATION Centre of Performing Arts

Ovation CPA About Us

Ovation specialises in performing arts programmes. We believe that all students should have regular access to educational theatre and drama in their schooling, and have to opportunity to be taught by well-trained theatre and drama specialists. Therefore we are committed to fostering a bright and dynamic future for all pre-school, junior, senior, special needs students and adult’s state wide with the opportunity to obtain first hand access to an array of inclusive courses and quality performing arts training, along with access to workshops, seminars and artists in residence programmes.

We believe that theatre is a lens through which to see and understand the world and understand ourselves in the world. Theatre requires us to engage with our brains, our bodies, our imaginations and our voices.

Through Ovation we will nurture and support future artists, create professional learning opportunities and maintain personal and educational progress for students and professional development.

We believe our core curriculum offers:

  1. A large range of new drama programmes and drama activities allowing students to access a creative hub of expertise and experts from the industry
  2. An Education Resource – available for all students to access an array of different practices of educational drama

At Ovation our Programmes are designed for adults, special needs, secondary, primary and pre-school students and each encompass a huge body of specialized drama which we believe helps to:

  • empower students
  • show students the fun in learning to learn
  • build students Interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, civic competence
  • increase energy and enthusiasm
  • improve student’s literacy
  • promote active listening, conversation and social skills
  • stimulate creativity and concentration
  • provide a solid platform for success in the performing arts
  • build student’s confidence
  • strive for artistic excellence
  • provide a fun, creative and safe learning environment
  • Social inclusion, equal access and a sense of community.